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About Us

We at DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT wear many hats, but our most important role is to help deliver a multitude of great games to as many gamers as possible. Our company name and mantra come from the Japanese definition of the word “DANGEN,” which means "words of conviction", but it also summarizes our mindset towards games and their creators. We will respect and honor both gamer and creator alike.

We know the struggles that independent developers go through and want to help any way we can. Our conviction doesn’t stop with our independent development partners, though. Many of us at DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT have roots in game translation and know all too well that it’s an aspect of development that gets overlooked far too often. We value our translators and not only guarantee they’ll be included in the game’s credits as a proper team member, but we also want to share profits with our translation partners – something few companies can say they do for non-staff.

The bottom line is: whether you’re looking for help in releasing your game, want to be a bigger part of the development process as a translator, or desire a stronger connection with your games as a consumer, DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT will do the best we can to give it to you.

What Makes Us Unique?

What makes DANGEN Entertainment unique? What makes us different from other publishers? The core of what DANGEN is all about comes from our four pillars:

We're Specialists

Each member of the DANGEN team is an expert in their field, whether it's localization, marketing, publishing, or identifying what makes your game awesome. We can see the potential pitfalls, and the upcoming opportunities. We're your video game sherpas.

Creator Collaboration

We have strong ties to talented Japanese creators all over the industry, and we love connecting them with the developers we work with. Whether it's a legendary composer doing a track for your indie beat-em-up or doing a Let's Play for your Action RPG with the masters of the craft, we can make it happen.

The Twitch Connection

Along with our ties to traditional media to promote our partners' games, we're tied directly to the Twitch's global moderator in Japan, the Japanese Twitch community, and the streamers that work with them. We bring your game to gamers right where they're already watching.

We're a Family

DANGEN isn't just a publishing group. We treat our partners and our own staff like family. We keep in daily contact with our partners, help them in any way they need, and make sure every step we take is exactly what they want for their game. We encourage our partners to help each other as well with whatever they may need. When you work with DANGEN, you're not just entering into a partnership; you're joining a family.


Our team has years of experience publishing, localizing, marketing, and playing games. Get to know us, and then introduce yourself!