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About Us

We at DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT wear many hats, but our most important role is to help deliver a multitude of great games to as many gamers as possible. Our company name comes from the phrase “Dandy Gentlemen,” but it also summarizes our mindset towards games and their creators. We will respect and honor both gamer and creator alike.

Our company mantra comes from the Japanese definition of the word “DANGEN,” which means “words of conviction”. We know the struggles that independent developers go through and want to help any way we can. Our conviction doesn’t stop with our independent development partners, though. Many of us at DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT have roots in game translation and know all too well that it’s an aspect of development that gets overlooked far too often. We value our translators and not only guarantee they’ll be included in the game’s credits as a proper team member, but we also want to share profits with our translation partners – something few companies can say they do for non-staff.

The bottom line is: whether you’re looking for help in releasing your game, want to be a bigger part of the development process as a translator, or desire a stronger connection with your games as a consumer, DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT will do the best we can to give it to you.

What Makes Us Unique?

What makes DANGEN Entertainment unique? What makes us different from other publishers? The core of what DANGEN is all about comes from our four pillars:

We're Specialists

Each member of the DANGEN team is an expert in their field, whether it's localization, marketing, publishing, or identifying what makes your game awesome. We can see the potential pitfalls, and the upcoming opportunities. We're your video game sherpas.

Creator Collaboration

We have strong ties to talented Japanese creators all over the industry, and we love connecting them with the developers we work with. Whether it's a legendary composer doing a track for your indie beat-em-up or doing a Let's Play for your Action RPG with the masters of the craft, we can make it happen.

The Twitch Connection

Along with our ties to traditional media to promote our partners' games, we're tied directly to the Twitch's global moderator in Japan, the Japanese Twitch community, and the streamers that work with them. We bring your game to gamers right where they're already watching.

We're a Family

DANGEN isn't just a publishing group. We treat our partners and our own staff like family. We keep in daily contact with our partners, help them in any way they need, and make sure every step we take is exactly what they want for their game. We encourage our partners to help each other as well with whatever they may need. When you work with DANGEN, you're not just entering into a partnership; you're joining a family.


Our team has years of experience publishing, localizing, marketing, and playing games. Get to know us, and then introduce yourself!

Max Harvey


During his days as a student, Max partook in his hobby of creating multiplayer maps for various FPSes, and became a prominent member in the mod community. One rainy day, a first party game studio approached him with a job offer he couldn't refuse, and that was it. Max was unexpectedly in the games industry, developing first party titles.

In 2008 he started his own small business in Japan which not only performs outsource work for larger game studios but also develops and releases its own small projects.

Max joins DANGEN as the new CEO, performing administrative tasks while still running his own company.

His FPS skills have long since declined and these days Max mostly plays more cerebral games such as Factorio, Victoria 2 and anything Xcom related.

Dan Stern

COO; Scholar of the First Deal


Dan's passion for games was seeded in days of the NES in which he remembers fondly playing Final Fantasy with one character assigned to himself and each of his three brothers. It was SquareSoft's masterpieces of the SNES era that truly enraptured him, however, along with other gems like Actraiser and EVO. Dan is infinitely thankful that the indie scene has not only revived sprite-based games, but has also refined them such that we live in a renaissance of pixel art and incredible 2-D experiences. Dan brings to DANGEN ENTERTAINMENT a wealth of love for games, his experience working with some of the greatest indie studios as an ex-member of Playism, and damn good taste. He has a single-track mind in believing that all things can be improved with cosmic horror; it was true for Ghostbusters and From Software, and damnit it can be true for Fuller House too!

Chad Porter

Greatest Internet Sensei


Many years ago in the mysterious year of 2011, Chad (aka Chyadosensei) decided to make a dramatic life decision. He went to Chiba, Japan to do the full 4 years of college to get his Bachelor's degree, like a regular Japanese student. After doing so did his passion for content creation and live streaming fully blossom. Chad has had different roles in the Japanese gaming world, from translating, to content creation, to hosting big events like Tokyo Game Show and BitSummit. As a partnered Twitch streamer, Chad enjoys teaching others Japanese while enjoying his hobby: gaming. He is also the community leader for Japan_Stream and often does translation videos on YouTube for games that have yet to been localized into English. Through his dedication, he has been a bridge connector for Japanese and English speaking content creators and fans alike.

Dan Luffey

Overlord of Localization

Dan is a freelance translator and interpreter who has worked on literature, manga, and video games for years. Dan's role at Dangen is to manage localizations and work with developers and translators in order to maintain a high standard of quality. He utilizes honest, direct communication between developers and localizers in order to allow everyone's voice to be heard.

Justin Pfeiffer

Marketing Maestro


Justin Pfeiffer has been an avid gamer since the Atari 2600. He is a retro gaming and soundtrack collector whose interest in Japanese gaming swelled with the PC-Engine CD and he began working at a local import shop in his hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. Since moving to Japan in 2003, he has been involved in the gaming scene through various roles, particularly in the music field, as a reviewer, interviewer, and translator, bridging the gap between the East and West. In addition, he has been organizing and regularly DJing at game music events in Japan for the past nine years, appearing in events such as Diggin’ in the Carts, Live Communicated Rockman and Blind Spot Live. Having built up a wealth of knowledge and network around the world, he is excited to join the like-minded team at DANGEN and focus his passion and energy toward the indie gaming scene.

Salvador Garcia

Porting Master

Passionate about adventures related to new software technologies, Sal landed his first job in Japan with NEC in 2011. It was there that he first used a video game engine and his interest in making video games skyrocketed. He is in charge of porting and quality assurance at DANGEN Entertainment. Sal has been working full time in the video game industry as a programmer since 2015.

Aki Tatsumi

Explorer of Language

Aki Tatsumi started learning English in earnest after coming back from the U.K. where she stayed for 2 years. Then, she started her career as an independent translator while working as a localization coordinator. When she was a child, the Famicom was released and gained popularity all over Japan, but unfortunately, it had never arrived at her house, and her life went on without giving her the chance to play any games. Later, while reviewing her attitude toward work after marriage and childbirth, she became convinced that translation was her life passion, and through encountering DANGEN, she also learned about how deep game stories could really be. Now, she gets excited whenever she gets a chance to do translation work for a new game. Language is abstract, but so interesting! She looks forward to delivering a lot of passion-filled games created by people all over the world to everyone in Japan through translation.

Scott Steffes

Friendly Neighborhood Game Dev


Scott Steffes has been developing small to medium scale video games since 2010. In his free time he makes YouTube tutorials covering technical aspects of Unity game development that are rarely touched on in beginner and intermediate tutorials. At Dangen he provides development assistance to many of Dangen's developers. Having worked on dozens of 3D and 2D games Scott is able to provide veteran advice and programming help to save developers' valuable time. He also helps developers investigate the feasability of adding new technologies like website integration and shader effects to their games.